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Lunes 29 de enero de 2018, por Miguel Perez Subias

The Israel Ambassador to Spain together with the President of the Association of Internet Users have recommended the Jesus Uson Minimally Invasive Surgery Centre Foundation ( CCMIJU foundation www.ccmiju.es/en ) for the 2018 Princess of Asturias Awards in the category of ´International Cooperation’.

  • CCMIJU foundation is a non-profit public foundation, located in Cáceres (Extremadura, Spain), involved in research, training and innovation in the medical field. More than 20,000 health professionals and resarchers have trained at CCMIJU, of which 12% arrive from different countries.
  • CCMIJU foundation has longstanding experience in different fields of traslational research in a number of areas of expertise such as endoscopy, microsurgery, diagnosis and endoluminal therapy, anesthesiology, pharmacology, bioengineering and medical technology, cellular therapy and assisted reproduction, all being renowned worldwide.
  • The clinical and scientific practice for the use of advanced non-invasive surgery as an alternative to the more traditional surgeries, which are learnt and experimented at the CCMIJU foundation, has alleviated patients´s pain, reduced postoperative care and medical complications as well as improved the cosmetic appearance of wounds.
  • In addition, it is worth mentioning the work carried out to establish the principles to guide medical practises in order to develop advanced programmes in training and research, whilst promoting ethical and profesional standards in the non-invasive surgery.
  • CCMIJU foundation exerts an international leadership in the non-invasive surgery field. It has driven Spain to be the top in this technology, attracting professionals from more tan 70 countries around the world, including New Zealand, Australia, Rusia, South Africa, Senegal, China and Canada, among others.
  • The Princess of Asturias Awards recognition will allow the CCMIJU foundation the chance to give professionals from undeveloped countries, the neccesary resources to be trained in these medical fields. Our commitment is to devote the entire prize in providing training grants to professionals of these countries.

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