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Viernes 2 de febrero de 2018, por Miguel Perez Subias


To the attention of the President and the members of the Jury of the Princess of Asturias Award in the category of international cooperation


Being aware that the Association of Internet Users and the Israel Embassador in Spain have proposed to the Foundation Minimally Invasive Surgery "Jesus Usón" (CCMIJU Foundation) for the Princess of Asturias Awards 2018 in the category of "International Cooperation "I have the honor to address you to express my most sincere and profound support for this request.

The scientific and clinical practice for the advanced use of non-invasive surgeries as alternatives to the more traditional surgeries, which are learned and experienced in the CCMIJU Foundation, as well as the coordination of the activities of professionals from different countries, have allowed a first improvement in affected patients and, in addition, it has created an international community that shares knowledge, experience and experiences among professionals.

It is important to highlight their work to establish the principles that guide clinical practice, to develop advanced training and research programs promoting ethical and professional standards in non-invasive surgeries. The CCMIJU Foundation exercises, from Spain, an international leadership in Non-Invasive Surgery, having placed Spain at the forefront of this technology, attracting professionals from more than 70 countries around the world.

For all that, I, with DNI With total conviction, I believe that the CCMIJU Foundation is a worthy candidate to be named "Princess of Asturias Award for International Cooperation in its 2018 edition" and expressly expressed my strong support for this candidacy.


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